Workshop on Sector Approaches in the Context of EU Integration Sarajevo, 22 - 24 March 2010

Day 1

Minister Dragan Vrankic of BiH Ministry of Finance and Treasury and the Ambassador of the EU in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Dimitris Kourkoulas opened the workshop by stressing the importance of the Sector Approaches.

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Day 2: Session 1

WG 1 discussed ‘How best to design sector approaches?’ led by the organizers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and DFID and assisted by SIDA.

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Day 2: Session 2

Organizers from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and the European Commission led the session on ‘How to link sector approaches to EU integration objectives?’

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Day 2: Session 3

Albania and Italy lead the discussions of WG 3 on ‘How to manage the governance of sector approaches?’ with assistance from SIDA and ETF.

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Day 2: Session 4

Co-organized by the Serbia and the European Commission, WG 4 addressed the question of ‘How to establish a performance assessment framework for a sector approach?’

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Day 3

Closing sessions offered conclusions of the group discussions on Day two and gave recommendations for the future activities.

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